Louma 32′


Louma 2 is the new generation of telescopic Camera Cranes.

Shot Assist software co-ordinates the Telescopic Arm and Remote Head to achieve previously unimaginable shots.

We are continously developing new, ground breaking functions never seen before in any other remote crane system.

Most recent of these development are –

Setting of the straight line plane at the single push of a button in the direction that the camera lens is pointing : Graphic display of the planning function : Adjustment of the plane angle at the touch of a button – horizontally or vertically : Horizontal straight line ` ceiling` plane :

Adjustable `S` curve dampening when telescoping into a set arm limit : Real time Camera Lens Height display : Variable Smart Tilt function to assist the camera operator when shooting fast vertical moves .






Ultra Rigid Construction
Electric Crane Arm Balancing System
Telescopic arm limit presets
All new over or underslung remote head
Unique straight line compensation
Smartpan : Smart Tilt
No external cables along the arm
Data Extraction

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