HME Headsets


Simple and Compact

The HME DX100 system delivers crystal-clear, two-way communications in a compact, portable base station for up to 15 simultaneous wireless users. Hands-free mode allows maximum flexibility and a secure channel ensures that private conversations stay private.

The portable, compact design makes the DX100 system ideal for mobile field applications.

Up to 15 COMMUNICATOR®s can be assigned to each base station, four of which can be used in hands-free, full duplex mode. Digital Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) with encryption secures communication to prevent eavesdropping. Triple diversity — space, time and frequency diversity provide redundant communication that offers the most dependable system available.

Remotely “unlatch” COMMUNICATOR transmitters to help you stop a COMMUNICATOR that has been unintentionally left transmitting — from the convenience of your base station. This is very helpful if a remote user removes his COMMUNICATOR and forgets to turn it off.




Flexible, battery-powered operation lets you power your base four different ways:
• Six 1.5V “AA” batteries
• Optional rechargeable BAT850 battery
• 12 VDC automotive adapter
• 100-240 VAC power adapter (provided)
Power outage backup feature enables uninterrupted communication in the event of power loss.
DX100C System (Order: CZ11396)
• MB100 Base Station
• 4 WH200 All-in-One Wireless Headsets
• 8 BAT41 Rechargeable Batteries (4 Spare Batteries Included)
• AC40A Battery Charger
• 12VDC 60W Power Supply (100/240VAC Universal) (x2)
• 115VAC Power Cord (x2)

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