• The design of this Head allows to use variety of film and digital cameras (up to IMAX cameras). Extra wide TILT frame provides greater space for additional camera equipment. Easy balancing technology allows to save rigging time. There are several control options such as Handwheels, Joystick and Pan Bar.
  • OVERVIEW: The Active Milli stabilized remote head from Opertec provides the same solid, reliable stabilization found in the Active Head in a small form factor.  The Active Milli is ideal for articulating arm applications.  It balances in minutes and its robust motors deliver tack sharp responsiveness to operator inputs.
  • The new Oculus stabilized camera gimbal easily transcends the capabilities of competing systems, and presents new and unique aesthetic opportunities for directors and directors of photography in the motion picture industry.
  • OVERVIEW: The Active stabilized remote head from Opertec is by far one of the most rugged systems on the market today.  The form factor and robust motors of the Active Head can move the largest cameras and lenses with pin point accuracy and ease.  The Active Head balances in minutes and is ready for the most aggressive stabilization requirements you can throw at it.
  • OVERVIEW The Scorpio Stabilized Head can be controlled two ways:
    • By cable up to 500 m (1500 f)
    • By microwave Scorpio Radio System.
    Scorpio heads all have the updated Gyros and HD slip rings.
  • Not Available at this time

    The Libra Remote Head is a 3 axis digitally stabilized camera mount. Due to it’s compact size and durable nature as well as its ability to be applied to a wide variety of platforms such as cranes, camera vehicles, cable rigs, and boats. The Libra Head is considered to be the industry standard in stabilized remote heads.

    Libra Head Package Includes:

    1 Libra Stabilized Remote Head 1 Preston FIZ Lens Control 4 30vdc Block Batteries 1 Yeager Cart

    Additional Accessories:

    – Libra long range wireless operation kit – Libra Head Mini Kit – Libra Head 3D Kit (Pace, Paradise, ET, 3ality) – Pan Bar System – Joystick
    The Libra Head is one of the most versatile stabilized mounts available. It will carry just about any motion picture Film or HD camera system including some Imax and Vistavision. Recently 3D adapter kits were designed and successfully integrated into the Libra system. It would be nearly impossible to list everything the Libra has ever been mounted to. This list contains some of it’s more common uses. – Telescoping cranes – Jib Arms – Akela / Strata Cranes – Dollies – Cable Rigs – Camera Cars – Motorcycles – ATV’s – Motorized Arm Cars – Boats – PWC’s – Helicopters
    With powerful integrated motors and high-resolution digital encoders, the MoSys Lambda Digital Remote Head provides the instantaneous feel of direct drive and smooth operation. Catering for the bigger camera packages up to of 120 pounds. Initially, the Lambda was designed as a motion control head, where zero backlash and accuracy is a must. The head is based on the highly successful fluid Lambda head from Cartoni. The manufacturer kept all the specifications that Cartoni gave the Lambda, like it’s tool-less adjustability, it’s compactness and ability to expand into a “bigger head”, and it’s low-mode capability that allows the camera to skim just above a surface.
    -Telescoping cranes -Fixed arm cranes -Dollies -Hard mounts
    From a design team with over 75 years of award winning industry experience: an affordable, full featured, mid-size, rugged and lightweight remote head. Designed for HD, film & broadcast camera systems. Full function remote with hand wheel option.
    • 210 degrees per sec. w/ 35lb camera
    • Full slip-rings for continuous 360° motion
    • Virtual set capable, multiple configurations
    • Easily configured for over or under-slung
    • Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.
    Standard Features: Record and move to up to 2000 marked positions Record and playback up to 1 hour and up to 2000 takes Programmable maximum speeds for each axis Programmable smoothing for each axis Precise homing via operator command Up to 2500 feet between controller and head Programmable motion limits Servo tuning from remote console Fujinon and Canon serial lens control Camera synchronization Extremely rigid with precise smooth motion for long lenses Joystick wheel control for Pan, Tilt and Zoom; knob control for Focus Share recorded data with laptop: streaming and upload & download Optional Features: Direct connection (head to KuperNode for motion control & virtual set applications) Motion capture package for additional recorded axes Preston lens control interface allowing recording and playback Encoded pan bar interface Encoded hand wheel interface Intervalometer operation Custom lens control interfaces Water tight shipping case Standard package: Two axis Talon remote head Talon remote controller Remote head power cable – 30 ft. Control cable – 50 ft

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